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                Industry News

                Nuremberg Toy Fair "Made in China" image upgrade

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                  The world's largest toy fair in Nuremberg International Toy Fair - 2010 February 9 officially came to an end. After years of setbacks and difficulties, Chinese toys this year's Toy Fair in the image finally had no small improvement. German local media also acknowledged that "the quality of Chinese toys, no problem."In 2600 the global number of exhibitors from 64 countries, the Chinese exhibitors to 221, second only to Germany's 876, but lower than the 276 in 2008 decreased by 20%. Show general manager Irons Dick believes that Chinese exhibitors reasons for the reduction, first place in China last year after a number of product recalls, the right to export some manufacturers were canceled; Second, the impact of the world economic crisis. Despite the reduction of Chinese exhibitors, but the Chinese exhibition area of 500 square meters, more than double than last year. In other classification in accordance with toys there are a large number of China's exhibition booth.

                  For Chinese-made toys, after several years of previous recalls, quality has been a concern. Deutsche Welle reported on the 9th, said Chinese toy manufacturers are also increasing emphasis on quality issues. The report quoted to one exhibitor from Shanghai Zhu's words, "Our products are mainly facing the European market, this time I made a point of some quality test reports came, all the products have passed such as SGS, BV and some other international renowned detection testing agencies have their certificates. now Europe's guests in this respect more stringent requirements. "Miss Song exhibitors from Beijing, also said she brought plush toy products are used relatively safety fabrics, "We just apply to Europe more famous OekeTEX100 certification, all materials are in line with standards of human ecology, dyes are not harmful to the skin, especially children may also bite the toy in his mouth, so we are particularly attention to this point. "The Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany's famous quality inspection agencies TüvRheinland also set up a point on the show. Its spokesman said Visco Yeltsin, to enter the European market toys must be in line with European standards, have E logo, which means that the quality of products here reached safety standards. "For now, the quality of Chinese-made toys are very good." Visco Yeltsin said, "German toy store has 75 percent are from China, and from our tests can be seen every day, these products from China quality is very good, I think, when there is quality and safety issues, the question is not that these toys come from somewhere, but when the cost of producing toys is too low, it will have if this is at the expense of quality and safety questions. "he added that the current from the European point of view, there are some toys, the price is too low, hard to imagine how such a profit, but these toys production process is in line with standards. "It seems that the quality and price are not necessarily related to the quality of clearance products can also be low cost."Nuremberg International Toy Fair this year the focus of attention is the knowledge and interaction. Life-size robot, science laboratory precision tools like, people thought it was a show or exhibition, rather than technological Toy Fair. But Chinese exhibitors major exhibition of goods or some models and plush toys. In the larger environment of economic crisis, the German toy market has not been affected, in 2010 received the German toy industry sales grew by 5% over the previous year.